Sunday, April 18, 2010

My Senior project in a Nutshell

Here is my senior project poster, with identifying info removed for safety reasons :) Please click on menu and view full screen to view the legible version. Enjoy.

Please note: While i left my name off this poster, and the name of my university for reasons of privacy/safety, this IS a real research project conducted at a REAL university, and it is a year's worth of painstaking work. Please, if you are a student or some other person reading this who is tempted to plagarize this, PLEASE DON'T. This was a lot of hard work. This poster is only presented as a testemant to the potential that those who have autism or disabilites have to do great things; it is NOT meant to be someting for people to plagarize. If someone is doing research, and would like to cite my work as a refrence..please contact me at and i will tell you everything you need to know to cite it.

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