Sunday, April 18, 2010

2 weeks to GRADUATION!!!!!!

Yes, folks you read that right, 2 weeks, or for you time geeks, thats 336 hours, or...20,160 minutes.. 1,209,600 seconds...

This is for all you parents who have a kid with a disability, develompental or otherwise.. it IS possible to have a normal life and pursue dreams like college and a job. I'm living that dream. I still struggle with some aspects of independence, but, step by step, I'm getting there.

Let's say you just got the news your kid has autism. You wonder "Can my child succeed?" While i can't guarantee it, because every kid is different, i will say this: it is POSSIBLE. I struggled with college at times, i worked very hard, and ill be dead honest.. at several points, i seriously doubted whether I'd make it. But, i never gave up, i kept going..and now, well, now, I'm a stone's throw away from walking across that stage and recieving that degree(well, to argue semantics, they mail me the actual diploma; what they hand me at commencement is the diploma holder..but you get the point). Mom told me that a lot of people with autism who go to college don't finish....well, guess what? If your kid has the will, and you have TONS of patience, and your kid is really interested in what he/she is IS POSSIBLE! (Now, i do realize that not every child on the autism spectrum is high functioning, and has the ability to go to college. Thus, I'm NOT saying that i think that its possible for EVERY child on the Autism spectrum to do the thing's i have done. What I AM saying is that every child on the autism spectrum, high or low functioning, intellectually disabled or not, HAS something positive to contribute. More about this on my next blogpost :) )

So, what am i doing to prepare for the big day class wise for assigments? Well, the final assembly of our paper is due. That means all the individual sections together with a cover page and all the appendicies.. Mine turned out to be a WHOPPING 130 pages in all..33 of which is actual text..i know i promised the unabridged version..but i don't know if that is practical. because it would be so long.. and would be hard to read.. and i doubt that many of you would want to read 30 pages of stuff Maybe ill just post a copy of my poster instead and call it good. I suppose i can do that now..

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