Tuesday, December 29, 2009


If anyone has been following this and anxiously waiting for posts.. i do apologize! I get busy with other things throughout the semester and lose interest in posting. But i do enjoy posting out here for those who like to read blogs.. I know i love reading blogs, there are two that i read with interest.. theashleykids.blogspot.com, and www.xaviersjourney.org.

Things are going VERY well here. I have begun my senior project this past semester. The title of the project says it all: The Impact of College Education on Sociopolitical Worldview. I am studying whether college really does make one more liberal, or if it is a combination of socialization factors and social background. I will be sure to post the complete unabridged study here when all is said and done. I got a webcam for Christmas, so i possibly may start doing video entries on this blog.. I got a B- on the first half of my senior project.. the second half i will begin January 11.

All for now!