Monday, December 5, 2011

Snow snow snow

I have a love-hate relationship with snow. I love it because it is so pretty, and has been known to inspire yous truly to write poetry (unfortunately, said poem was lost when pevious computer crashed), it creates idyllic landscapes worthy of any painter's brush who just happens to feel like painting a wintery theme.

I hate it because its cold, and its a pain to shovel and an even more pain to drive on. I am thamkful for the blessing of fianlly having good traction on my car. But, it's not all bad. At least i don't have the situation of having to park a long way away from where my classes are, like i used to before i was a college senior. Of course i dont take any classes, but thats beside the point. I don't recall in recent months or years (since i graduated in May 2010, 2 years ago this may..WOAH!) having to park in a parking lot and walk more than 50 feet to my buldiing in 14 degree (or less) weather. (Michigan January anyone?)

peace out!

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