Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hanging around...

Well, i graduated, now what? Hope to find a job...waiting to hear back on an interview i had with the director of a special needs dream job :D. In the meantime, i find ways to keep my self somewhat games and watching star trek DVDs.. just checked out some Chinese books, so i can brush up on my chinese a little bit. Also, i may try my hand once again at programming my own amateur adventure game.. that will keep me occupied for a good month or two, im sure :). Lucky for you readers, i have a lot more time to blog..but may not have much to blog about, now that classes are done... no profound sociolgical insights today..sorry.. which is partly the reason i started this blog. But more than that, this is the blog of an individual living with PDD-NOS, sharing my challenges and joys. Seeing as how autism by defeniton involves a lack of social sense, doesnt it make sense to blend a discussion of social theory and one of autism?

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