Thursday, October 31, 2013

Updates. and apologies and random thoughts

Hello to anyone who is reading this. I apologize for not posting for a long time. Life has been busy. Sometimes I wonder where life is leading. I have since moved out of my parent's house. I live in an apartment. It's a big step. I still have yet to find a fulltime job. I am hopeful that i will find one that i can do sucessfully without too much struggle. It does make me ponder... does having a job determine worth? No, of course not. A person is a person whether they are poor or rich, unemployed or part time or fulltime. What job you have is not your whole identity. Yes, it is part of it. By nature, we as human beings need to be productive, and current society and economy is cost based; one need money to live, and having a job is how one oridnarily makes money. But, some can't work in the traditonal sense due to disability. But they do have a need to have a purpose. This is where it is important to examine why so often what one does for a living is intertwined with their life. I guess what I'm saying is, i have wondered what kind of job will i have in the future. What will i be? It seems that that notion implies that in order to feel normal, i have to be something.. for example, i am waiting to hear back from Walmart. When i graduated, I graduated with a bachelor's in sociology...hoping to get a job that would utilize that degree. working at walmart may not utilize the degree, but it is a JOB. It is important then, to be able to define a person by personality, and what they are like, rather than what their job is. A child with high fucntioning autism might wonder, what will i BE, when i grow up. Notice, they don't say.. what Job will i have, but rather what will i be? What if they can't work and will need to have help the rest of their life? What will they BE then? A person with value and need for love purpose, and security. So, it could be said that some may need to stop worrying so much about what kind of career can i have, but instead what kind of person can i be? How can i make a difference? This has been a random thought blogpost.. I hope it makes sense :)

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